This contest is sponsored in part by Constructibles, LLC.  Many thanks for providing the seed part for this years’ contest!  Two years in a row! Whoo Hoo!

WHAT: LBLUG Onyx Brick Builder Contest
WHEN: April 23, 2016
WHERE: LB Public Library 2016 – 101 Pacific Ave, Long Beach, CA 90822

Who will be the most creative LEGO® inventor with mystery pieces?
Based on the ever-popular Iron Builder developed by LUGOLA’s very own Guy Himber, LBLUG (Long Beach Lego User Group) has created the Onyx Builder contest.  Each participant will be given a small number of the mystery LEGO® system part. This part could range from a hinge piece, a cheese slope, or even a mini figure accessory!
Builders will be provided with a theme to use for the mystery part. The theme might be a spaceship, a house, a mech robot, or a beach scene. Once the mystery part is unveiled, builders can use whatever other LEGO® pieces from their own personal collection to complete the  challenge.
Because the Onyx Brick Builder competition will be taking place at Long Beach Comic Con, there are two ways Lego fans can compete:
1) Build your own creation at LB Comic Con! Come by the LBLUG booth and you can build your own submission using the mystery piece and a large assortment of support brick provided by LEGO®. Support brick is provided to participants on a first come-first serve basis so come by the LBLUG booth early!  Support brick must be used onsite and the products using support brick remains the property of the LBLUG after the competition is done.
2) Bring your own creation to LB Comic Con based on the mystery part and the theme. Go to to find out more information. The announcement of the mystery part will be April 2nd, when the LBLUG Library display is installed!

Please make sure that you are using the same piece and color for the mystery part as the announcement. Also please provide your contact information so that your submission can be returned to you.

A panel of 3 LEGO® User Group members from LBLUG will judge submissions Saturay afternoon at 5pm. The criteria for judging will be as follows on a 1-10 point scale (10 being the best) :
1) use of the mystery piece
2) incorporation of the theme
3) originality of design
The total points for each submission will be compiled and the top three submissions will be awarded prizes.
There will also be a “Fan Favorite” award voted on by you, the attendees! Stop by the LBLUG booth to view the submissions and vote for your favorite.
In addition to impressing your LEGO® Loving friends and family, the top 3 submissions and the Fan Favorite will be awarded LEGO® sets courtesy of The LEGO® Group! The prizes are a variety of medium to large sized sets (500+ pieces) that the winners will be able to select based on their place they finish. 1st place will have first pick, etc.
1st place will also receive the 2nd Annual Onyx Brick Builder trophy built out of LEGO® Bricks.
Like and join LBLUG on to get updates on LB Comic Con and the mystery part announcement.
If you have any questions about the inaugural LBLUG Onyx Brick Builder competition, please contact James Banks at
WHAT: LBLUG Onyx Brick Builder Contest
WHEN: September 12-13, 2015

WHERE: LB Comic Con 2015 – Long Beach Convention Center, 300 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90802