We’re working on a GBC project, and we want you to participate!

We will make a call for GBC modules that meet the standards of Team Hassenplug.

The below rules are excerpted from the linked site above.  Many thanks to Team Hassenplug for providing the standard!

Type 1 interface standard:

Standard module layout

  1. Each module should have an “in” basket, and will move balls to the next module’s “in” basket, which must be directly in line.
  2. The IN basket should be 10 studs by 10 studs (outside dimension) with an 8×8 opening, and should be 10 bricks (beams) tall.
  3. The front of the basket should be 32 studs from the back of the module.  This will allow all modules to be lined up against a wall.  The back of the module CAN be closer to the basket, but not farther.
  4. The In basket should be located on the left side of the module, and output should go to the right.
  5. There are no size limits, beyond those listed
  6. Each module should be able to accept balls at an average rate of 1 ball per second.  Balls can be passed continueously, or in a batch.  A batch should not exceed 30 balls.


Here are some sample module layouts.

With the Type 1 interface, only balls are passed from one module to the next.  In the future, Crates may also be passed back and forth.

Our first attempt to do this will be at Bricks LA 2019.

To join us, please join the Long Beach LEGO User Group facebook page and register for the event!